I have lots of favorite outdoor things to do. The nature world is my home away from home. I love spending outdoors all year long. No matter the weather, I find myself drawn to the beauty of the world of nature. From whitewater rafting to spending time climbing the nearest mountain to horseback riding, I’m outside all the time.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting across a fierce and magnificent river is my favorite water activity in the entire world. At least several times a year, I’ll make time to head out to an area river. My friends and I know that we can have a few hours or even a few days on the river and experience the best nature has to offer. We go by ourselves or we may decide to be part of a larger group. Our goal is to be on the water and let nature bring us across incredibly beautiful waters. It’s also to get a good soak on a hot day and really cool off in the sun.

Rock Climbing

Another thing I love to do is go rock climbing. Over the years, I’ve learned exactly how to find the right place to put my fingers. Few things are more delightful than to me than getting up a rock face. I adore being able to get up as high as possible and enjoy wonderful views. I always make sure that my equipment is in good working order before I leave. Then I’ll pick a place to practice my craft. Rock climbing takes a lot of concentration. I find this kind of concentration is ideal as it helps me both mentally and physically. Meeting other climbers along the way is another huge bonus. Many times, we’ll meet in person and then decide to go up the mountain together. I’ve made so many wonderful friends this way.

Horseback Riding

Horses have always fascinated me. In my area, you can go horseback riding easily. All you have to do is look for the right horse. I have a few favorites that I love working with. I’ll make an appointment to go horseback riding when I’m in the mood. Many horse facilities around here let you take the horse out as soon as you’re there. I’ll get on the horse’s back and start practicing all sorts of fun moves. I really like pushing the horse to go as fast as possible.